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Pink Goose Name

I get asked a lot why I chose to name my company “Pink Goose.” It is a long story….and that’s what this page is for.

From the time I was 18 years old until I was 24, I worked at the church my dad pastored in Abilene called University Baptist Church. It just so happened to sit in close proximity to Hardin Simmons University which meant that it was a church predominantly filled with college students.

I’m terrible at naming things. I never can settle on something that I like. Whether it’s dogs, bands, kids, events, or whatever, I never can settle with a name.

I had been trying for a week to come up with a good name and I just couldn’t think. I knew I wanted it to be something visual and I knew that I wanted it to include “media solutions” at the end. It just so happened that the week I was trying to name my business my dad was speaking at chapel at HSU. Like me, he was trying to figure out something of his own. He needed a good ice breaking story to tell so he could relate to all of the college students. So he decided to use a story from his college days…

When dad was at Baylor University (or maybe I should say he lived in Waco), he didn’t go to class to often. His fraternity brothers would always joke and ask him why he skipped so much class. Because he was tired of answering the question, he made something up. “I saw the pink goose. When you see the pink goose you can’t go to class.” He then went on to tell the story about how he would try to turn his alarm clock off in the morning and the pink goose would be sitting on his bedside table…or there were a few times that he would get in the shower and the pink goose would be there…or my favorite, the time that he got all the way to the classroom door and would look through the window and the pink goose would be awaiting him in class. You can’t go to class when you see the pink goose.

I thought Pink Goose was visual, a little strange, and memorable. After being frustrated for a week I finally threw my hands up and said that’s the name “Pink Goose Media Solutions.”

Since then “Pink Goose Media Solutions” has been shortened to “Pink Goose Media.” I’ve embraced the weirdness of my name and formed a whole marketing strategy behind it. If you’ll notice there is no pink anywhere to be found–that’s totally purposed. Also, I have video logos that the audio is of a cow mooing instead of goose sound. Interesting? Weird? You’re right but so am I as a person.