Our Company Name

We get asked a lot where we came up with the name “Pink Goose.” It is a long story….and that’s what this page is for.

From the time Caleb was 18 years old until he was 24, he worked at a Church in Abilene that his Dad was the Pastor of, University Baptist Church. It just so happened to sit in close proximity to Hardin-Simmons University, which meant that it was a church predominantly filled with college students.

Caleb never claimed to be good at naming things. Whether it’s a dog, bands, kids, events, or whatever, a name is always something that is difficult for him to settle into.

During the time that he knew he would be starting a video production company he had been trying for a week or so to come up with something that would stick. The important things to him were that it would be unique, visual and that it would include “media solutions” at the end of the name. It just so happened that the week he was trying to name this new company his Dad was also speaking at chapel at HSU. Like Caleb, his Dad was also trying to figure out something of his own. He needed a good ice-breaking story to tell at chapel so he could relate to all of the college students. So Doug decided to use a story from his college days…at Baylor University.

When Doug attended Baylor University (or maybe we should say “when he lived in Waco”), he didn’t go to class too often. His fraternity brothers would always joke and ask him why he skipped so much class. Because he was tired of answering this question, he made started to make something up in his own quirky way. “I saw the pink goose. When you see the pink goose you can’t go to class,” Doug would say. He would then go on to tell the stories about how he would try to turn his alarm clock off in the morning and the pink goose would be sitting on his bedside table…or there were a few times that he would get in the shower and the pink goose would be there…or the time that he got all the way to the classroom door and would look through the window and the pink goose would be awaiting him in class. “You can’t go to class when you see the pink goose.”

When Doug ran his old college days story idea by his family, not only did they think it was funny and should be used to tell in his talk at Hardin-Simmons Chapel, but Caleb also thought Pink Goose was the perfect name for his new company. Visual? Strange? Memorable? It met all of the requirements for a fun and quirky name and at that moment a newly-formed company was finally named Pink Goose Media Solutions.

Overtime Pink Goose Media Solutions was shortened to Pink Goose Media, mostly because Caleb didn’t want pinkgoosemediasolutions.com as the company website and felt like there was a better ring to the shortened pinkgoosemedia.com.

One of the most fun parts about the name is that we intentionally leave out any visual representation of a goose and also the color pink. We think it adds to the fun and quirky nature of our company. Somewhere along the way, we added our logomark to the written form of our company. We now go by {+} Pink Goose Media.

We embrace the weirdness of it all.