How did you come up with the name of the business?

Short Answer: We wanted something that created a visual image in your mind and something weird.
Long Answer: Go to this page –> {+} Pink Goose Name

Are you affiliated with any of the local TV stations?
No. We work very closely with all of the TV stations in Abilene, but we are an independent production company.

What is the best way to start on a project?
There are 2 great ways to start a project. Our favorite way is for you to tell us a little information about your project through our webform. If that’s too much then you can always give us a call at (325) 261-0746.

I know I want a video, but I don’t know exactly what I need. Do you help with the idea?
Pre-production is a big part of what makes our team great. We have a team of creatives who love to brainstorm new ideas to make your video stand out. We have some clients who don’t want to be involved in the pre-production process at all. We also have clients who want to be involved in as much of the process as possible. We like to work with both! If you know exactly what you want we will give you our advice and expertise and we will polish your creative ideas into scripts and storyboards. If you have no clue what you would like our team is ready to jump right in to the brainstorming process!

How do I air my commercial and how much does it cost?
We do not handle the schedule of your TV advertising. We do, however, have connections with all of the local TV stations and media outlets. We can connect you with the entities you would like to get your video to the airwaves.

Do you have actors for my commercial?
We do not have any actors on staff, but we do have a relationship with some of the local universities’ theatre departments. We have, on occasion, hired actors for local production. If we use them, anticipate the cost of the spot to go up slightly.

Do you have someone to do a voiceover in the commercial?
We sub-contract our voice talents. We have different ones to choose and samples of each so you can choose what you like. We have an assortment of different voices that we use for different things (i.e. – Male, Female, Crisp, Raspy, Deep, Accents, Blue-Collar, etc.)

Can we use our own actors or voiceovers?
Absolutely! It’s your TV spot.