Video Production

Camp Videography

The majority of our summer at {+} Pink Goose is spent at different camp facilities across the United States. Our talented videographers produce highlight videos each day and complete an authored and packaged DVD, ready for delivery, by the end of the week.

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TV Commercials

We have a reputation of producing high-quality TV commercials and strive to create a sustaining fascination with every commercial we design. Making an effective TV commercial involves more than just waving a camera around at your place of business. Contact us today and allow us to create your next TV commercial.

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Live Event Videography

We have worked on varied areas of video production including live multi-camera video shoots, corporate communications, on-site video and audio recording, and corporate video. /learn_more]

Documentaries, Informative Video, Instructional Video

Documentaries are videos based on an actual event or life story, that are factually accurate and contain no fictional elements. Instructional videos are used to teach or instruct a topic.

DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication

Graphic Design

Motion Graphic Design

Motion Graphic Design is exactly what it implies, graphic design principles in a video through the use of animation techniques. Examples include the typography and graphics you see as the titles for a film, opening sequences for television, or web-based animations./learn_more]

Logo Design

If you need a professional logo design to go on your business card, website or storefront sign, then you’ve come to the right spot.

Web Design

Web Design

Audio Design

Programming & Sequencing

Programming and Sequencing.


We sub-contract all of our voice talents. We have a wide variety of voice inflections. Whether you are looking for male, female, deep, crisp, raspy or a particular accent, we have connections with several voice talents.